Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ok. So this it it. I have a blog. I did it.
About 2 weeks ago I purchased a digital camera because I wanted to document all the cool things I do in my life. I had nothing to do with the photos, so I decided it best to put some of them into a blog.
So here we go.
We wanted to skate Detroit but nobody wanted to drive. I was talked into driving, like always. But I made joe clean my car before I would leave.

We got to Hart but couldn't skate because of the cop posted up. Instead, the boys wanted to get a nice picture with each other.

We went to this giant manuel drop thing that Mike nose-manueled in his Plus part. This time he wanted to primo slide it. He just couldn't stick it though.

Kyle was filming him.

Some stupid scene kid ran a red light and crashed into another car.

Saw this dood just driving down the road with a falt tire. He was really casual about it. "Hey homie, your tire's flat."

Did you know that Joe was captain of the swim team his freshmen year of highschool. His nick name was Gills. I guess he was really really good. Setting records and stuff. I was told this story and didn't believe it. So I called Roberto and he confirmed the story. I just never pictured Joe captain of the swim team. Joe is a jock.

We spent our whole day watching Mike try to primo slide that thing. We didn't get to skate any other spots. We got back and took a quick photo with lurkers at WB.

I left all the sk8rs and went to drink a couple beers with these girls. They were out of control.

Katie becomes a new person when she is trashed.